running brain


Train your brain to be the best runner you can be! You may train your body but have you trained your mind?


Training Your Brain may be the easiest part of your running training program.

You already have everything you need to do it: a brain! There’s no need for special shoes or clothes. You don’t need to go anywhere or use any equipment. You can train your brain while you run, while you relax, and especially while you sleep.

Dr. Teri Mahaney is an expert in brain states and performance.  Her program can help you reach your full running potential.

Get Free Brain Tips

The MP3s can improve all aspects of your running program – from thinking positively to running competitively.

They are: Your First Step, Planning, Motivating, Training, Running, Fueling, Racing, Recovering.

Listen while you run, relax, and sleep.  To use them while you sleep, add a go-to-sleep introduction at the beginning of your MP3.

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